Z.Hera Makes Her First Appearance As The Angry Girlfriend In Fight My Way

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The moment many fans have been waiting for finally happened.

Z.Hera has finally made her first appearance on the popular drama Fight My Way.

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Z.Hera plays Tak Soo’s girlfriend, the MMA fighter who is Dong Man enemy in the drama.

She was introduced as the angry girlfriend who is sure that her boyfriend is cheating on her.

She confronts him in a club regarding him texting another girl named Alice.

Tak Soo keeps denying everything and says that they’re only rumors, and refuses to hand in his phone for her to check, saying she should trust him instead.

She keeps pressuring him hoping to squeeze a confession out of him, but he doesn’t give in.

Then he gets up and leaves for the bathroom to avoid the argument with her before being confronted by Dong Man and beaten.

Though her appearance was short she made a great impact, her strong sexy character has fans waiting for more.

Have you checked out the 6th episode of the drama yet?

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