Yoon Chan Young, Girls Day Minah And Kim Min Seok’s Upcoming Drama Set To Release In March 

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Yoon Chan Young, Girls Day Minah, and Kim Min Seok will appear in a suspenseful comic investigation drama. 

Genie TV’s original “Delivery Man”, scheduled to be released in March, is a suspenseful investigative drama about a taxi driver, Young Min (Yoon Chan Young), and Ji-Hyeon (Bang Min Ah), an amnesiac. The crazy investigation by the duo is sweet and brutally funny. Anticipation is focused on what kind of special guests will come to the unheard-of ghost taxi. Above all, the combination of Yoon Chan Young, Bang Min Ah, and Kim Min Seok, makes drama fans even more excited. In addition, the reunion of directors Kang Sol and Park Dae Hee, who showed sensuous directing skills with “Show Window: The Queen’s House”, and writers Joo Hyo Jin, Park Hye Young, and Han Bo Kyung add to the interest. 

Yoon Chan Young transforms into Seo Young Min, a taxi driver who started the business of an unheard-of ‘Ghost Taxi’ and works as a delivery man who solves the wishes of special customers. ‘Rising Star’ Yoon Chan Young, who will show dynamic acting variations through this work, said, “I’m already looking forward to meeting ‘Seo Young Min’ and I’m excited. In a special situation, I will listen carefully to the hearts of the ghosts I will face in the future. I will try to meet viewers with a better image.”

Minah takes the role of Kang Ji Hyeon, a soul with amnesia who happened to get a free ride in Young Min’s taxi. Ji Hyeon is an unidentified soul who doesn’t know who she is, but she can’t stand injustice. For some unknown reason, she becomes attached to the taxi works together with Young Min as the sales manager of the ‘Ghost Taxi’. From the cider spree of the guests to the pursuit of the serial killer, attention is focused on the crazy investigation that the duo will unfold. Expectations are high for Bang Min Ah, who has been loved by the public for her lively and cheerful energy, for a different transformation that she will show. She said, “It is an honour to be with great production staff, seniors, and colleagues. It was a place where I was really happy. I filmed hard so that it can remain as a special drama, so I would appreciate it if you would watch it with interest and love.” 

Kim Min Seok plays the role of Do Kyu Jin, a handsome doctor with perfect specs and a strong helper of Young Min and Ji Hyeon’ He has a special relationship with Young Min. Kyu Jin senses signs of an ominous incident in the emergency room, where people live and die. Kim Min Seok, who is trusted for his solid acting skills, said, “Through this work, I did my best to show a new side of me that is different from the roles I have shown so far. It is a work with good actors and staff, so please look forward to it.” 

Genie TV’s original “Delivery Man” will be released in March 2023 through Genie TV, ENA, and TVing. 


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