Yoo Yeon Seok And Moon Ga Young’s Upcoming Drama “Understanding Of Love” Unveils First Teaser Poster

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JTBC’s upcoming drama “Understanding Of Love” has revealed its first teaser poster!

On November 22, JTBC shared the first ever teaser poster of Yoo Yeon Seok and Moon Ga Young’s Upcoming Drama. The poster shows the four main characters’ name badges hanging on a wall.

“Understanding Of Love” a melodrama about people with different perspectives meeting each other and understanding the meaning of true love.

Yoo Yeon Seok takes the role of Ha Sang Soo, a person who wants to live an ordinary life that retains a certain value under any circumstances, as the meaning of the name Sang Soo (Constant) suggests. A new person who is like a variable appears in front of him. His daily life changes due to the variable of love that intervened in his peaceful life which has had no problems until it happened.

Moon Ga Young plays the role of Ahn Soo Young, who is different from Ha Sang Soo, who pursues stable love. She considers love to collapse at any moment. Ahn Soo Young, who lives a busy life to protect herself from unprivileged circumstances, feels excited by a man who suddenly approaches her one day. Indeed, this excitement leaves a question mark on how it will change Ahn Soo Young, who thinks love is like a sand castle.

Keum Sae Rok plays the role of Park Mi Kung, a “natural born golden spoon” with natural ease and sophistication. Park Mi Kyung has clear self-assertion and a straightforward instinct. Jung Ga Ram plays the role of Jung Jong Hyun, a police officer who lives with dreams and hopes of success. Jung Jong Hyun is a serious character who always tries his best and lives without losing hope of becoming a person who suits the person he likes.

“Understanding Of Love” will air on December 21.

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