Yoo Teo And Kim Ok Bin Cast In Upcoming 2022 Romance Kdrama

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Yoo Teo And Kim Ok Bin have joined the cast of the new Netflix series “Love War”!

The news was confirmed on November 4 via the streaming platform. The drama centers around a man and a woman who don’t believe in love because they distrust the opposite sex. They will face the reality through the process of understanding each other and realizing what true love is.

Kim Ok Bin will play Yeo Mi Ran, a new lawyer for Gilmu, a law firm that specializes in the entertainment industry, she hates losing to men. She believes the only way a woman can live alone in this tough world is by having a successful career and that dating is simply a way to collect data on male types.

Yoo Teo will star as Nam Kang Ho, a man who pathologically hates women. He’s a top actor who dominates the industry with his wits and kind personality. He’s known as the ‘master of romance’ but he hates the idea of dating.

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“Love War” will be directed by Kim Jung Kwon who worked on “Lie After Lie,” and written by Choi Soo Young who wrote “My ID is Gangnam Beauty.”

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

I was so happy until I read the last part, the screenwriter for this project will be the one who wrote “My ID is Gangnam Beauty”…. Now, I am slightly concerned.

I hope Choi Soo Young proves me that she’s capable of writing adult romance. Yoo Teo is in his forties and Ok Bin is in her mid-30s, it would be weird to see a romance level similar to what the screenwriter has worked on before.

I trust Yoo Teo’s choice here, he’s so charismatic and I’ve been dying to see him in a leading role, however, I pictured something entirely different, I hope this one won’t disappoint.

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