Yoo Ah In Banned From Leaving South Korea After Getting Investigated For Alleged Illegal Propofol Use, Agency Confirms He’s Getting Investigated

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Yoo Ah In is the top Korean actor being investigated for alleged propofol use.

On February 8, one media outlet reported a top Korean actor is being investigated by the police for habitual use of propofol and that the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency called and investigated him for violating the Narcotics Control Act on February 6.

Actor Yoo Ah In’s agency, UAA, stated on the 8th that Yoo is actively cooperating with the police investigation related to propofol use. UAA said in a statement that Yoo is deeply sorry for causing any concern and will actively explain any problematic parts.

The police called Yoo for questioning on suspicion of violating drug-related laws regarding propofol. The Korean Food and Drug Administration, which oversees the distribution of psychotropic drugs, had asked the police to investigate after noticing that Yoo was allegedly excessively using propofol.

The police have requested a body examination at the National Institute of Scientific Investigation to confirm the extent of Yoo’s use, a hair sample was collected.

Notably and shockingly, the police have also imposed a travel ban on Yoo as part of the investigation, this hints that the police are taking this case very seriously.

Yoo Ah In’s agency explained through TV Chosun, “As far as we know, he did not take propofol except for necessary cases such as regular health checkups and procedures.”

Yoo Ah In has expressed willingness to actively cooperate with the police investigation and clear any misunderstandings. The penalties for illegal use of propofol, a powerful anesthetic drug, can be imprisonment for up to 10 years or a fine of up to 10 million won. There is growing interest in the film industry to see the outcome of the investigation.

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