Yoo Ah In’s Rep Finally Addresses His Drug Allegations, Explain He Has Severe Needle Phobia In Relation To His Alleged Propofol Use

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 Yoo Ah In’s side has finally partially addressed his drug use allegations but the explanation is being questioned.

On March 2, MBC’s “News Desk” reported that a skin clinic in Seoul’s Seocho-gu said that Yoo visited for treatment in 2021, they had admitted to treating Yoo but did not provide details about the specific procedures.

The hospital explained that they only prescribe propofol for general anesthesia when the patient complains of pain and it is not a problem.

Police suspect that Yoo exaggerated his pain and demanded propofol even for minor procedures. Medical staff at several hospitals also tried to dissuade Yoo from receiving propofol directly. One hospital director sent text messages warning Yoo not to have too much general anesthesia or to change hospitals.

A Yoo Ah In’ representative explained that Yoo requested general anesthesia due to a fear of needles caused by his skin condition. They said, “We understand that Yoo Ah In, who suffered from a skin disease, requested sedation because of needle phobia.”

Previously, police confirmed that Yoo Ah In tested positive for marijuana while being investigated for alleged habitual use of propofol. And On March 1, TV Chosun’s “News 9” reported that Yoo Ah In had tested positive for cocaine and ketamine. A search and seizure of several doctor’s offices and clinics suspected of illegally administering the drug to the actor had been performed.

Yoo Ah In had undergone a urine and hair test on February 5 as part of the investigation.

The actor’s rep explanation has failed to garner much sympathy from the general public as many said they did not understand how it could even begin to justify the other drugs he’s allegedly tested positive for.

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  1. Substance abuse is a health issue and needs to be treated as one.
    I hope he gets the help he needs to be healthy and free from the drug use, with empathy from
    the Korean public.

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