Yoo Ah In’s DC Fan Gallery Puts Out A Statement Urging Him To Speak Up And Clear Misunderstandings Involving His Propofol And Marijuana Scandal

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While Yoo Ah In’s recent controversy continues to rock the industry, his fan DC gallery has issued an official statement asking for the actor and his agency to issue a statement to clarify whats going considering the slander and continuous exposure by media outlets, besides the agency’s initial statement, they have mostly remained silent and have not publicly addressed the marijuana positive test aside from stating they had not been made aware of it through police.

Here is their statement translated:

Recently, after the “propofol continuous injection allegations” of actor Yoo Ah In were raised, the possibility of “marijuana scandal” has also been raised, and the controversy is increasing day by day.
In the process, the police conducted a body search warrant on Yoo Ah In and even conducted a “simplified urine test,” and it was revealed through the media that his cell phone was also seized and “digital forensic work” had started.
This can be seen as a serious defamation of Yoo Ah In, as well as an “assassination of character” that excessively infringes upon the rights of one person. There are also strong suspicions that some are using Yoo Ah In’s case to divert the public’s attention away from politics.
Even if Yoo Ah In is a famous person who lives in the public’s attention, is it justifiable for the investigative process to be made public through the media in such a way? Did the police not follow the basic criminal law of “publication of facts in a criminal case”? The principle of “presumption of innocence” has already disappeared for a long time, and the raids by investigative agencies, media, and the public towards Yoo Ah In continue without pause. If this continues, fans warn that they will not hesitate to take legal action.
The same goes for Yoo Ah In. Through various statements of opinion, he has not spared his voice in society and received the support of many people. However, why is he silent on the allegations against him? Where has the “human hot-blooded” who has shown a unique philosophy and spirit about his profession and life gone?
In 2017, when the allegations of Yoo Ah In’s military service were raised, he said through his agency, “I know the anger of the Korean people who have watched the continuous occurrence of military evasion cases by some privileged classes and celebrities.
There must never be a case where we demand more benefits, more rights, and better treatment while neglecting our obligations as citizens.”

They ended their statement with,

Can Yoo Ah-in now proudly say that he is keeping his own words? If there is no shame regarding the allegations being raised, we would like him to explain them through an official stance and end the controversy immediately. That would be his “duty as a celebrity” that he claimed.”

What do you think of this? Do you think Yoo Ah In should address the situation or not?

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