Yoo Ah In’s Agency Vows Strict Legal Action Against Recent Reports Of The Actor’s Alleged 5th Drug Use And Alleged Club Sightings

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Yoo Ah In‘s side recently released a statement regarding the ongoing allegations of another alleged drug use.

On the 12th, Yoo Ah In’s side stated, “We would like to correct the facts regarding the ongoing situation where news with unconfirmed content is continuously being spread and disseminated by the media for reasons unknown to us, including undisclosed investigation details that are subject to non-disclosure agreements.”

On the day after news of Yoo Ah In’s second summons for questioning was released, the 11th, the Kukmin Ilbo reported exclusively on the suspicions of drug use by Yoo Ah In, with the headline, “Yoo Ah In, Model and Broadcaster Meet at Itaewon Club Every Week…Suspected of Drug Use.” The article contained a tip from a witness who suspected that Yoo Ah In had allegedly used drugs with models and broadcasters at the Itaewon club last year. The article also stated that Yoo Ah In’s regular seat emitted a different scent from cigarette smoke and that he had smoked “something” in the form of a cigarette.

Yoo Ah In’s side also took issue with a solo report from Yonhap News TV titled, “Yoo Ah In Suspected of Fifth Drug Use, Overdose of Zolpidem,” which reported that Yoo Ah In is under investigation for excessive use of Zolpidem, following allegations of propofol, marijuana, cocaine, and ketamine use by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit.

Read their translated statement below!

First of all, we apologize for causing concern due to the unfortunate situation related to the actor Yoo Ah In.
Until now, Yoo Ah In and our agency have refrained from making any statements regarding the ongoing police investigation. As Yoo Ah In stated in his previous statement, he remains committed to cooperating with the investigation and accepting all punishments.
However, we would like to clarify the facts regarding the continuous spread of unconfirmed news related to the unknown details of the investigation that have been publicized by the media.
On April 11, two exclusive reports were released regarding Yoo Ah In:
    April 11, Kukmin Ilbo: [Exclusive] ” Yoo Ah In, weekly visits to Itaewon club with models and broadcasters…suspected of drug use”
    April 11, Yonhap News TV: [Exclusive] Yoo Ah In’s fifth ‘narcotics’ case, suspected of excessive use of “zolpidem”
Firstly, we would like to address the exclusive report from Kukmin Ilbo.
The article was based solely on the eyewitness account of informant A and was reported without any confirmation of the facts related to the eyewitness account. The report has been spreading with sensational headlines such as “shocking” and “exposure” through other media outlets, creating a situation where it seems that Yoo Ah In was using narcotics at the club every week.
Kukmin Ilbo used informant A’s claim that “even though Yoo Ah In did not order much alcohol, there were many strange reactions,” and “he smoked cigarettes in a corner, but the smell was different from regular cigarettes” as the basis for its unconfirmed suspicion.
We would like to ask Kukmin Ilbo how they verified informant A’s claims. The lounges we confirmed did not allow smoking indoors and had separate smoking areas. We regret the fact that large media outlets like Kukmin Ilbo reported on unconfirmed claims without confirming the facts and plan to take legal action regarding their report.
Now, regarding Yonhap News TV’s report on “zolpidem”:
It is true that Yoo Ah In has been taking sleeping pills due to chronic insomnia for a long time. He used to take sleeping pills that contained this ingredient in the past. However, for the past six months, he has been taking sleeping pills containing different ingredients and has not used them for any purposes other than sleep. The truth about this matter will be revealed through the police investigation.
Separately, as the investigation details are private, we will not make any further comments on this matter until the police investigation is concluded. We apologize for causing concern and will do our best to ensure that such a situation does not happen again in the future.
Thank you.

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