Yoo Ah In’s Investigation Speeds Up As A Search And Seizure Warrant Gets Executed For His Two Homes

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The police have begun a search and seizure of the residence of actor Yoo Ah In

On March 7th, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit conducted a search and seizure of Yoo Ah In’s residence. In the morning, they searched his residence in Hannam-dong, and in the afternoon, the search was carried out in Itaewon, the address on the actor’s resident registration. 

The police are speeding up their investigation into Yoo Ah In. The NFS hair test results were obtained, and a mobile phone forensic analysis was also completed. A search and seizure of dermatology clinics in Gangnam and Yongsan-gu, where Yoo Ah-in attended, was also obtained. 

Yoo Ah In is accused of violating the Narcotics Control Act. As a result of the NFS hair test, narcotics such as propofol, hemp, and cocaine were detected. It is said that no significant evidence was derived from mobile phone forensics.

The police plan to summon Yoo Ah In after the search and seizure of the residence. It is expected as early as next week. The agency said, “We have not yet been notified of the summons schedule and will cooperate with the investigation as much as possible.”


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