Yoo Ah In Sends A Sweet Gift To The Set Of Ong Seong Wu And Esom’s Upcoming Film

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Yoo Ah In shows support for Ong Seong Wu and Esom and their upcoming movie “Starlight Falls”!

On June 15, Ong Seong Wu took to Instagram to share the pictures of the coffee truck Yoo Ah In sent to him and his co-star Esom to the set of their upcoming film “Starlight Falls,” Ong Seung Wu wrote in his caption, “Yoo Ah In is the best!”

Esom also thanked Yoo Ah In for his thoughtful gift by sharing the pictures on her Instagram story and tagging him.

The banners on the coffee truck contained supportive messages cheering on Ong Seong Wu, Esom, the director Choi Guk Hee, and the cast and crew.

Meanwhile, “Starlight Falls” is a melodrama film that depicts the story of a male student (Ong Seong Wu) and two female students (Esom and Shim Eun Kyung) who met when they were freshmen in college and also share the same name. The story will take place in 1993 and in the present day.

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