Yoo Ah In Reportedly Temporarily Banned From Appearing On KBS Due To His Ongoing Drug Use Allegations And Investigation

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Actor Yoo Ah In, who is suspected of drug abuse, has been reportedly banned from appearing on KBS.

Star News reported on March 17th that KBS decided to put a ‘limited KBS appearance restriction’ for Yoo Ah In.

KBS sets ‘acts that caused social controversy through illegal or immoral acts’ as targets for regulatory review on broadcast appearances, such as ‘Avoiding military service’, ‘Use of habitual medicines and smoking marijuana’, ‘Fraud/theft/gambling’, ‘Assault and sexual harassment’, ‘Other cases of civil/criminal prosecution’, ‘Disruption of public morals and social order’.

In the midst of this, Yoo Ah In, who is suspected of illegally administering drugs, has been temporarily restricted from appearing on KBS. While the police are investigating Yoo Ah In’s suspicion of drug use, the ‘temporary restriction on appearances’ may change depending on future results.

Yoo Ah In is charged with using four types of drugs. On the 17th of last month, the police received a result from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation that Yoo Ah In’s hair and urine tested positive for drugs such as marijuana, propofol, cocaine, and ketamine.

On the other hand, KBS has decided to suspend appearances on KBS broadcasting for celebrities who caused social controversy last year, such as Kim Sae Ron, Kwak Do Won, and Don Spike.


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