Yoo Ah In’s Agency Denies The Actor Was Present At Itaewon During Time Of Tragedy In Relation To Allegations A Celebrity Caused A Crowd Surge

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Yoo Ah In has been embroiled in rumors that allege he was present at Itaewon during the night of the tragedy.

When the tragedy of Itaewon occurred on October 29, rumors began to circulate that a celebrity showed up on the street causing people to flock to see them, some news outlets began to report on this claiming eyewitness accounts said so. This rumor has never been confirmed by police but despite that, it continued to spread and gain attention. One Afreeca TV BJ even had to deny he was present there during the night.

Now, Yoo Ah In has been rumored to be the celebrity in question. However, his agency has since stepped up to deny the rumors and note that he was even in the country on the day of the tragedy.

UAA said, “Yoo Ah In left the country on international flight on October 29. He has nothing to do with the Itaewon crowd surge.”

Police are still investigating the cause of the tragedy and have warned people about spreading unverified rumors and claims about the situation.

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