After Testing Positive For Marijuana And Propofol, Yoo Ah In Also Reportedly Tests Positive For Cocaine And Ketamine

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The situation around Yoo Ah In’s drug use has become more shocking!

Previously, some media outlets reported that the actor tested positive for a 3rd drug after testing positive for Marijuana And Propofol, but, at the time, the name of the drug was not mentioned.

On March 1, TV Chosun’s “News 9” reported that Yoo Ah In had tested positive for cocaine and ketamine. A search and seizure of several doctor’s offices and clinics suspected of illegally administering the drug to the actor had been performed.

Yoo Ah In had undergone a urine and hair test on February 5 as part of the investigation. His urine sample had tested positive for marijuana. The results of his hair test had shown that he had used propofol, cocaine, and ketamine. The police are currently investigating if the actor had used ketamine habitually and are planning to question him as a suspect as early as next week.

Cocaine is known as one of the most addictive drugs among all recreational drugs due to the way that it affects the nervous system

Previously, police confirmed that Yoo Ah In tested positive for marijuana while being investigated for alleged habitual use of propofol

On the other hand, the actor’s agency UAA explained, “We asked the police several times about the contents reported through the media, but we only heard from them that ‘we can’t tell you. We have not received anything related to the future investigation schedule, but we will be sincerely investigated as soon as the schedule is set.”

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  1. This poor guy needs help not humiliation. I’m sure he’s feeling plenty of that with those close to him realising his problem. The media are so cruel at times. Who introduced him to all of this? His management team are to blame for a lot of it as they haven’t performed their job ‘ to manage’!

  2. Sharp guy, good actor! He’s got to have pressures that we viewers aren’t aware of that brought him to this level of use. I agree with Fiona Sanlon, he needs help, not armchair quarterbacks. This is when the management team, family and friends need to step up and help him get through this.

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