YG Entertainment Welcomes Yoo Seung Ho To Their Agency

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Yoo Seung Ho is joining none other than YG Entertainment.

Previously, it was reported that the famous actor will be signing with YG Entertainment. In response to the report, a source from YG Entertainment stated, “We are positively discussing it.”

On March 2, YG Entertainment confirmed the news via an official statement. They wrote, “We are happy to welcome actor Yoo Seung-ho, who has been steadily loved for his solid acting skills and sincere moves. We will fully support the actor so he can expand his capabilities in various ways.”

Yoo Seung Ho has been active in the industry since he was a child, he made his debut through the drama “Daddy Fish,” he’s starred in many hit projects including “My Strange Hero,” “Memorist,” and most recently, “Moonshine.”

YG Entertainment might be known for their idol groups but they also boast a star-studded actors’ lineup including Kim Hee Ae, Cha Seung Won, Choi Ji Woo, Jang Hyun Sung, Yoo In Na, Jung Hye Young, Kang Dong Won, Claudia Kim, Lee Sung Kyung, Jang Ki Yong, Lee Soo Hyuk, Kyung Soo Jin, Han Seung Yeon, and Apink‘s Son Naeun.

Yoo Seung Ho left his agency recently and has been a free-agent ever since. His drama “Moonshine” wrapped up recently.

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