Woo Do Hwan And WJSN’s Bona In Talks To Star In Upcoming Historical Drama

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We may be seeing Woo Do Hwan and WJSN’s Bona in the same drama!

On May 10, it was reported by News1 that Woo Do Hwan and WJSN’s Bona will be leading the upcoming drama “Joseon Lawyer.”

It was later clarified by Woo Do Hwan’s agency KeyEast Entertainment that he indeed got the offer to star in the upcoming drama and he is now positively reviewing it, while Bona’s agency King Kong by Starship stated that the actress has also gotten the offer and is now reviewing it.

“Joseon Lawyer” is a drama based on the webtoon of the same name, it tells the cheerful and warm story of Kang Han Soo, a self-righteous lawyer who files planned lawsuits and even uses the feelings of hurt victims for his own good. He later unexpectedly grows into a truly fair lawyer when he becomes respected by the people for being a problem solver and eventually seen as a hero.

Although “Joseon Lawyer” will use Gyeongguk Daejeon as its motif (Gyeongguk Daejeon is a law code released in the late Goryeo Dynasty to the early Joseon Dynasty), it’s a fictional story. The drama will have the main protagonists help those who are wronged by the law because they do not understand it and its writings by bringing down those who are in charge and are abusing their powers. It will be a historical drama that will contain romance and revenge elements.

Woo Do Hwan was offered the male lead Kang Han Soo, he the best lawyer in Hanyang (modern Seoul). He has vast knowledge about the law, and has the ability to dazzle the judges and the crowd and for that he is envied by everyone. Kang Han Soo is working for revenge but he then gradually becomes the people’s spokesman and hero.

Bona was offered the female lead Lee Yeon Joo who is a client of Kang Han Soo. She seems like an ordinary person who has been treated unfairly, but she actually hides a lot of secrets. She hides her true feelings so she can carry out her revenge after meeting Kang Han Soo, but she then becomes confused by her emotions which are getting more and more complicated.

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