WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo Joins Lee Sang Yeob And Kim So Hye For Upcoming Sports Drama

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WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo has been confirmed to join Lee Sang Yeob and Kim So Hye for an upcoming sports drama.

On January 10, YG Entertainment said, “Kim Jin Woo has confirmed his appearance in the role of Han Jae Min in the KBS2 drama ‘The Pure Boxer’.”

“The Pure Boxer” is a sports growth drama based on the novel “Pure Boxer Lee Kwon Sook,” the second winning work of Kyobo Bookstore’s story contest, and is an escape from manipulation of game results by a cold-blooded agent who makes a game that must be lost to earn the life of genius boxer Lee Kwon Sook and his players.

Kim Jin Woo will take on the role of Han Jae Min, who is the first love of genius boxer Lee Kwon Sook (played by Kim So Hye), known by everyone for his handsome visuals and is a vice president of the kindergarten.

YG Entertainment added, “Expectations for high synchronization performance of singer and actor Kim Jin Woo in the role of Han Jae Min with extraordinary charm is high.”

Kim Jin Woo confirmed the same, saying, “I’m honored and excited to be with ‘The Pure Boxer.’ I will do my best to show you a good performance through the drama.”

Meanwhile, KBS2 “The Pure Boxer” is scheduled to air in 2023.

Are you excited to see him in the drama?

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