Will MBC’s Hit Drama “Big Mouth” Season 2 Come Soon? They Respond

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MBC’s hit drama “Big Mouth” has recently come to an end, but the ending has left a sour aftertaste to the many fans who labeled it ‘disappointing,’ due to the ambiguous ending, some fans began to wonder whether it means “Big Mouth” might be coming soon.

On September 18, the production team behind “Big Mouth” explained, “We think its too soon to discuss season 2. We will work hard to return with a good project.”

“Big Mouth” had concluded its run with its highest rating while the hashtag of its finale dominated Twitter’s worldwide trends.

Do you think “Big Mouth” season two should happen or not?

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.


I personally don’t see the need for season two but I do think it would be interesting to look at. How will Chang Ho handle his new status among other things.

There are some questions left unanswered and you can’t help but believe there could be something more. But even so, if a season two never happens, it won’t really have an effect on the story because its pretty much finished.

Also, since YoonA is not returning, many are not really on board with the entire idea.

I wonder whether MBC will bring back Jong suk for a second season. I think it will be a success but I don’t know if it will match the previous one. Definitely an interesting possibility.

By Hilda Moore

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