Will Kim Soo Hyun Lead “Hotel Del Luna” Second Season? tvN Answers Fans Burning Question

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After last night’s grand finale, people couldn’t stop talking about “Hotel Del Luna” and the brief but powerful cameo appearance by Kim Soo Hyun.

tvN had previously confirmed that the hallyu actor would make a cameo appearance on the last episode to show his support for IU, Yeo Jin Goo and the director of the drama.


After the drama wrapped up and the final minutes came, Ma Go announced that Hotel Del Luna will be getting a new owner, and behold it was none other than Kim Soo Hyun.

Kim Soo Hyun’s character walks past employees and then up a flight of stairs, at the end he stands holding a glass of liquor and says,

“The moon has risen. Its time to open business.”

Kim Soo Hyun appearance was exactly 60 seconds but nothing short of amazing. With the departure of IU from the hotel fans started theorizing that there could be a hint at a second season led by Kim Soo Hyun.

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Because of the overwhelming love and support of a second season, tvN responded to speculations about it. In an official statement tvN stated that they haven’t even discussed the possibility of a second season,

“It’s difficult to give an answer because the staff hasn’t even discussed the possibility of a second season.”

tvN also stated that they appreciate fans love and support for the drama and think the rumors about a second season is part of fans’ expression of their love for “Hotel Del Luna.”

Check out his cameo appearance below:

Would you like to see a second season of “Hotel Del Luna”?

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  1. I immediately wanted to know what made Kim Soo Hyun’s character the new owner? What is his story and past that tied him to the moon hotel?
    There HAS to be a sequel!!

    1. I know it ended beautifuly, giving the leads a very nice touching and heartwarming ending but the “Hotel Blue Moon” starring Kim Soohyun will be a hit that the 12 Ma Go’s eill make sure it will have a second season I do really do hope and pray it will have a decond season eventhough let ut be bext year. Or next next year. Or next mext next next year. We will wait. I only finished it now. What a a tearjerker blating series

  2. I really do hope tvN would make a sequel for Hotel Del Luna… I had so many questions right now running in my mind… the ending was open and it leave me hanging… f*ck tvN! Just make a sequel quick!

  3. I hope they make another sequel to hotel del Luna, it was amazing and would love some of the old characters coming through they were awesome the whole cast big New Zealand fan here.

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