Will “Arthdal Chronicles” Have Another Season? Part 3 Ending Leaves Fans Wanting More

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Part 3 of “Arthdal Chronicles” is leaving fans wanting more!

On September 22, tvN “Arthdal Chronicles” aired its last episode, episode 18.

According to tvN, it was previously announced that “Arthdal Chronicles” would be split into three parts; some called them seasons while others referred to them as ‘parts.’

UPDATE: tvN Responds To Reports Of “Arthdal Chronicles” Getting A Second Seasons

Regardless, part 1 and 2 aired back to back while part 3 aired after the conclusion of the successful tvN series “Hotel Del Luna.” It was presumed that the 18th episode would be the final episode.

The cast of the drama even bid farewell “Arthdal Chronicles” through press releases thanking the writer, director, staff and viewers for their attention, hard work and love.

However, the plot development of “Arthdal Chronicles” is coming into question after the finale aired because many drew to the conclusion that there has to be more parts.

The ending was considered an open-ending that never really tied everything together. Many fans assume that there is still a lot more to the story and that “Arthdal Chronicles” had been building up anticipation for a bigger confrontation that never happened.

Note: spoilers ahead

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The screen shows a message after the final episode aired, it’s translated to “the legend of Arth Will continue again.”

The last part of the final episode (about 2 minutes long) is an animated short video about what could possibly be the actual finale; it shows an epic battle scene and the main characters coming together as fans anticipated.

Over social media, fans can’t stop talking about “Arthdal Chronicles” and the disappointing final episode. Many hope that tvN would soon release a statement to clarify if “Arthdal Chronicles” has another part/season or not.

Stay tuned for updates!

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What do you guys think of this? do you think there is another part?

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


    1. Please make more episodes the ending should tie everything all loose ends together. The veiwers need a better ending. I will wait to see if it happens and wpuld definitely watch it. I have watched every show and hope to see a satisfying conclusion.

  1. Yes definitely need more season and see the great battle ending! This drama is the best Korean drama by far. It felt like watching a movie in a series good job to all the actors and actresses and the production team

    1. Please season 2, dont stop, you are going to make a masterpiece if you continue to season 2, but will disappoint korean drama watcher if you dont. Myself can’t accept other korean drama if this one ended badly.

  2. Yes the end is nothing if no further seasons. I can’t see any deep meanings. Just many directions and I almost forgot except feeling so what’s going to happen?

    1. SEASON 1- EP1-6
      SEASON 2- EP 7-12
      SEASON 3 – EP 13-18.
      HOPE THERR WILL BE A SEASON 4 NOT FOR A 6 EPISODES SHORT SEASON BUT TO ANSWER AND REVEAL ALL QUESTION! PLEASE FANS! ASK AND FORCE THE DIRECTOR TO MAKE ANOTHER SEASON. But i think Eunsom character will be like the main character in Chinese Ancient Drama Swordsman (2013). In that drama, the hero unite all tribes and fight then all of them fight with the bad country/tribes. Like that.

  3. The arthdal chronicles It’s needed to be more explaining about how can there be the End to just episode 18 to me it’s was bigining of the inside of story it’s really sad to hear that’s the ending

  4. I was hoping at least, the three “sword, bell and mirror” to come together before the war starts. Also what happened to the remaining Neanderthals? What happened to chaeun?
    So many open endings. It’s indeed a disappointing Finale.

  5. I’m actually P’d off that it ended like that. The ending had nothing to do with the whole purpose of the show. Wtf was the writer thinking. There better be another part, or even two!! This is the worst ending I’ve ever seen on screen ever. Wow so much potential In the trash. Smh.

  6. Yes, definitely more parts/seasons are needed. Really love all casts and storyline. En Seom and Tan Ya have to meet happily. ( I’m Non Korean viewer)

  7. I would love to wait for another season, Arthdal Chronicle leaves us so many question about the role of the bell, sword and mirror. The revenge of Nunbyeol and Chaeeun. The defeated of Tagon and Talhae. The involvement of Neanthals. The union of tribes behind Eunsom. I am just hoping for the new season begin in 2020 not 2021.

  8. It’s my first time watching any Korean based drama and I wasnt disappointed because I was hooked from episode 1 but this was Worst ending ever seen on any tv show, so many questions left unanswered we need a continuation


  10. Okay so the last episode can’t be called an Open ending because 50% of the story is still left to be unravelled and they can’t just leave the whole thing and say Hey we gave you an animated segment to help you unravel. We really hope there’s a season 2.

    Also I don’t understand why it had low ratings . This Drama really had an intriguing plot and kept the viewers fascinated until the last. International Fans BADLY WANT A SECOND SEASON!!!!


  12. First thing first, we need to know :
    1. Tanya and eunsom meet
    2. Taehla and tagon
    3. Tagon and eunsom
    4. Eunsom and saya
    5. Nunbyeol and neanthal family reunite
    6. Nunbyeol revenge
    7. All type of tribe

  13. well to be honest it has been such a surprise package, not so big fan of K-drama but this series was kinda something out of box, not like regular drama, and i`m surprised with the fact of it`s rating and people really couldn`t cope with this sort of out-of box dramas i guess! it deserves all the love and support and also the appreciation. Nevertheless this series has been the best of the series i`ve watched so far in the k-drama genre .
    well desperately waiting for the upcomming parts and Lots of Love form Nepal 🙂

  14. I guess your points are correct but this kind of dramas are way more interesting than others…. Everyone should be patient to see what will happen next in this type of dramas….. I really hope there will be another season to clear every doubt and I believe the ratings will go up (by a miracle or whatever) to encourage the cast and the production crew….
    GOT was more complex than Arthdal Chronicles and had been abandoned by many… But it re-attracted the viewers over time…..

  15. Such a disappointing ending. Leaving you hoping for more. What happens after the battle? What’s going to happen with Saya and Eunsom meeting and finding out they’re brothers!? What of the tribes that Tagon said he would conquer? I think he’s in for a battle with Eunsom, Tanya and Saya leading the tribes. . What about the Neanthals & Beoynol. ( probably not spelling these names or tribes right) You know what I mean I’ll wait 6 months to a year, like I’m doing for “Ever Night” and “Pillow Book..” !
    The writers did a great job. Keep up the good work and let’s look forward to another wonderful season of Arthdal Chronicles.. Thanks to the actors, writers and viewers…we were able to see a different yet exhilarating adventure in the form of another world …beyond!

  16. VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    SEASON 4 *****ASAP****** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. There better be another part! This is to da good to end here! I’ll dye waiting for more of this drama. I haven’t been invested in a drama or tv show seance game of thrones! Like this is up there with that and Jerry Potter for me. Please don’t leave me hanging here!

    1. I heard that the show had a big budget and popular actors, so people were expecting more from the series. However, since so many people were disappointed with the show (since apparently it didn’t live up to their expectations), Arth flopped and having another season seems to be impossible at this point. But all we can do is hope that a miracle occurs and we get another season.

  18. I like the drama. I rewatch the earlier episodes again to have a clearer understanding explanation of the later parts. I need to know whether the prophecy will come to pass and that the real aramun is Eun Som as his Mother said that aramun tricked her to bring Eun Som to Iark.

    Don’t know why rating is Low in Korea. Perhaps Korean don’t like something that is not a typical karma. Arthdal is definitely not typical k-drama. But you still hv the love triangle between Eun Som, Tanya and Saya.

    Hope they continue the show for all protagonist to confront each other and have final showdown. Rooting for EunSom.

  19. can they please release another part or arthdal … im so disspointed in the last scene i hope theres more story to come out ….. plss plsss waiting for another part ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. And it doesn’t make any sense in animated part. Tanya taught it was saya when she find it’s Eunsoem. She runs for saya does that mean she gave up on Eunsoem or else she taught that Eunsoem will be fine. Ahhh!!! Im still in confusion and I really need season- 4.

  20. I was really disappointed with the ending, the whole time I was waiting for Tanya, Eunseom and Saya to meet and they just ended it like that. This drama is one of my top favourite dramas, I hope they are gonna give us another season ‍♀️

  21. Sobrang bitin,ang daming mga tananong na di pa nasssagot,ang dami pang pwedeng mngyari, sobraaaag dami pa!!

    nalulungkot kami lalo na kmi mgkkapatid! please naman TVN..please!maawa kayo!

    We love Arthadal Chronicles.

    From Gensan,Philippines

  22. You have no idea what you have done. Well, I’ll tell you. Lost a whole heap of money not tying all those loose ends in Part 3, for one And two disappointed fans from all over the world. That’s global Three bet any money you haven.t even thought about merchandizing, have you. Look at star trek.lord of the rings, Firefly. Star Wars, Game of thrones South Korea’s ‘Faith’ and Descendents of the sun. China’s King’s Avatar and Ice fantasy. ALL BLOCKBUSTERS. I could go on but I’m stopping there To say. ‘WHERE IS OUR ENDING PART 3. At 71 years old I would like my happy ending with no loose ends, please

  23. I’m still waiting what will happen when the bell, mirror and sword meet each other. Also, I wanted Eunseom to clarify that he’s not the one who killed Niruha and see the reaction of the people who believes in Tagon after knowing that it was actually Tagon, who killed his own father. And what would ve the reaction of the people if they finds out that their King is an Igutu. There’s still so much to look forward to in Arthdal Chronicles and I think, another 2 episodes would be enough. Or more because I think, it’s not just me who’s anticipating for a love triangle.

  24. Hoping for more episodes. The ending of part 3 is sucked. Hope that this story will continue so that it ill leave a strong ending just like as its beginning. The beginning of this story is epic.

    1. Não acredito que o EPISODIO 18 de Arthdal Chronicles seja o final o filme tem muito potencial desde o inicio.É um filme que prende a nossa atenção na TV e tem que ter continuação para mostrar ao telespectador que Arthdal Chronicles é um filme extraordinário.
      Os diretores, atores e todo o elenco estão de parabéns.

  25. I wish the ratings were higher in South Korea, so decisions aren’t so hesitant when it comes to making a par 4 / season 2 for this series. As an international fan, I LOVE this drama. It was so unique and every moment of the plot was captivating and had me wanting more. There are unanswered questions and this drama is definitely far from over .. not to mention, when it was created, it was the type of drama that made room for more seasons to come than ending it with just one. I want to say that there will be a continuation for this drama and that, I’m desperately holding onto hope right now, but there are factors that prevents this drama from getting sequel. One, the cast members are popular and they are highly demanded. Song Joong Ki will be participating in his next project, Spaceship Victory, and it will come out in 2020. So far, out of everyone, he is the only one with the next project already. Most films in Korea take as long as a whole year to film, so if there is a sequel .. it won’t come out fast like this December or next year in 2020. Arthdal Chronicles took 8 months to create all of it’s 18 episodes and, therefore it’ll require the same commitment and same amount of time from each cast member in order to make the sequel possible. Not to mention the factor of money comes into play .. the ratings didn’t match with the amount of money being poured into this project. Therefore, the reluctance in pumping more money into a project that didn’t live to it’s standard is something hard to do.

    A part of me want to keep my hopes up .. that maybe if this project isn’t being funded, maybe Netflix will take over and fund it if all the international fan band together and ask for it ? That was how FOX Lucifer got another season after it’s cancellation. There were rumors circulating that Netlfix signed for three seasons .. at the moment, I’m not sure if part 1, 2, 3 count as seasons, but I sure hope it’s not just so we can get a continuation.

    To conclude my note, if Arthdal Chronicles doe get another season, then at the latest, it will be released in September 2021 or 2022 because this is not the type of project that will be release quickly. The Korean zombie drama, Kingdom only has six episodes and it was released in 2019 and even then, it needed a year to release more of it’s episodes .. so, seeing this type of time frame, that is why I predicted it will take, at least 2 to 3 years for arthdal to get it second season .. because it will have to accommodate the actors’ & actresses’ schedule to make this work.

  26. It is such a great show that to end like it did was very disappointing. I hope Netflix would step in and give its I ternational audience a closing. Hope to hear. Good news soon.

  27. Wasted my time! Just to watch an incomplete series. The story doesn’t sum up and it doesn’t make sense. Waiting for a better conclusion.

  28. Superb series as story and allegory. Can’t believe that it won’t continue in order to bring the storyline’s threads together! I’ll really miss the enthralling characters!

  29. I’m not happy with the open ending. I enjoyed the series and looked forward to it. Guess they couldn’t get their shit together enough to finish it properly, so what a waste of my time. If they ever decided to finish it, assuming it’s of the same quality, I’ll watch it.

  30. Still waiting for the next episode. It will be a wasted time if there won’t be continuasion since still a lot of things could happen in the story.

  31. please Please PLEASE don’t end this show like that… I have watched all episodes twice all ready… Eunsome has to get to Arthdal, the Bell, the Sword and the Mirror must all come together, Targon must face the prophecy, the real Aramun has to be exposed, the Neanthals need to rise up once more… there is so much left to do in this show, these few necessary revelations alone are at least another 3+ chapters.

    This is a GREAT show and WE ALL WANT MORE!

  32. please do more episodes ..There are a lot of question for me in the end ..Eomsom found out that he has a benetbeot and saya already knows that but they not meet …whats much expected ..The BELL,MIRROR and SWORD needs to meet all ..To find out whos really the ARAMUN in arthdal .

  33. I normally prefer to watch k drama because of the fact that the majority of the seasons provide closure. If this doesn’t happen I’ll be so disappointed! I wouldn’t call episode 18 an end and a cartoon at the end does not cut it! This is actually worse than GOT- at least they tried to end it.

  34. Please continue i can’t call it aclimax you guys already started it so please finished it so we viewers wil be satisfied i really like the story i can’t wait to see the next episode or next season

  35. Arthdal chronicles needs to continue!! The film is wonderfully epic!! The cast is amazing! Too many unanswered questions! We need more!! Please!! Its too good to stop here!

  36. The longer it goes without another season, the more I’m irritated at all the hype that got me sucked in. I’ve quit watching new Korean Drama’s because I’m afraid they are going to let me down with a big thud, like this series did.

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