Why Korean Men Are Ending Their Romantic Relationships Over Gong Yoo And Jung Yu Mi’s Movie

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In what seems to be a very weird phenomenon, some Korean men are actually breaking off their romantic relationships with their girlfriends over the new movie “Kim Ji Young, Born in 82.”

To understand why this has happened one must discuss why this movie became controversial in South Korea in the first place.

The movie is based on a novel of the same title “Kim Ji Young, Born in 82,” it’s about an ordinary wife in her 30s named Kim Ji Young; she suffers from depression and faces sexism in her society.

The novel was a huge success and sold over 1 million copies. However, the book itself faced backlash for becoming the representative of feminists in South Korea, which is still a sensitive issue and has revolved around many controversial topics in the past.

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There is an obvious discrepancy between how Korean men and Korean women rated this movie, its reviews are highly divided. Men rated the movie an average of 1.8 points out of 10 on Naver while women gave it 9.4 out of 10 on Naver.

According to various Korean news outlets, there were around 20,000 netizens who rated the movie without even watching it. The movie has been out for a little over a week.

One netizen left a post on a community site that talks about how your boyfriend might break up with you if you watch this movie. The netizen said that when she told her boyfriend she was going to see the movie he had her pick between breaking up with him or watching it.

Many other netizens reported similar issues of getting into arguments with their boyfriends/husbands over watching the movie. Korean men seem to think the movie exaggerates the truth in favor of women.

Previously, as reported on jazminemedia, Irene, actress Seo Ji Hye and most recently Suzy were all attacked for showing support to the movie/novel.

Previously, Red Velvet Irene and Seo Ji Hye were criticized for reading the novel. Irene was heavily attacked for stating that she read it while on vacation, this even led to some male fans burning her merchandise.

Suzy was attacked for promoting the movie on her Instagram. Many fans jumped into her defense, you can read more about it here.

As for why Korean women celebrities got criticized for this, many interpret it to be an issue of the fandom gender, many actresses or girl idols fandoms comprise of men (a good portion) who don’t particularly like it when they express their opinions. This could also be seen as an example of how differently women are treated in the Korean entertainment industry.

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By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. I hv not watch this movie , however with the info about HUGE discrepancy bet how Korean men n women votes this movie.. and korean boyfriend will break up with their girlfriend because of this movie makes me curious.. Ha ha..
    I hv to find out.

  2. Men don’t have room to speak on what woman face or don’t face in society, they don’t experience it.
    I”m glad relationships ended. They obviously didn’t hold respect for the woman or think she deserved to be seen as an equal. Woman will always be better with a man that respects them.

  3. Those men that will break up with their gf when they watch this movienis definitely men that are worth to throw bc loving your partner and giving commitment are not easured by this movie.

    Moreover, we are living now in a world wherein other men know the rights of women and they love it. Those men talking here are just insecure men. They are bunch of men that don’t deserve respect. I love men that are frontrunners of women’s rights.

    1. A South Korean here.. And I really have to leave this comment. Idk if this book is already translated in English (I know it has its Japanese version and has succeeded hugely there), but it should be if not yet. I’d encourage every man and woman to read the book – it’s about this woman(who was obviously born in 82)’s 30’s. The movie, however, was pretty mundane in its presentation, so I think the book’d be better. While I can’t say everything popping up on the internet is much credible – I mean, how do you know those guys actually even had gfs to break up in the first place..?? Esp. to boast about it on the internet..?? Better broke up with someone who really did that..- it is true that there’s a group of Korean men going INSANELY judgmental with this specific book, I’d very much like to see how the international readers view it. In my opinion, it’s nothing more than a novel that seems to be quite relatable to lots of Korean women. I mean, the book’s a hit, so what? I really don’t get what these guys are snapped out of.. Ppl bought their copies of the book, read it, loved it, turned into the movie, and THAT piss u off? Come ON…. Sometimes our guys can be so.. you know, too childish almost like toddlers. Only this time about this book is typically more bugging me cuz it’s WAY TOO NOTHING!! We seriously need some mature input for them..

  4. Breakup over a movie lol.. ok bye, guess you were not the one. Self respect ladies if he does not support and cheer you on just for being who you are then find someone who will. In all societies there are Good and bad in each gender. If your significant other oppresses your thiughts run if they are leading your cheering section hold on to them because it does not get any better.

  5. I have not watch this movie so I won’t judge the Korean men for having strong resentment for a movie and even be willing to end their romantic relationship because of it.
    All I will say is that insecurity has always been a major problem of many relationship.
    My girlfriend reads Korean novels and watch their movies a lot. Our relationship is healthy because I don’t dictate for her. If you truly love your spouse give them the freedom to live their life don’t be a bossy partner.

  6. Demographically there are not enough Korean women for each Korean male. So it would serve Korean men well to dispose of these archaic mysonginstic ideas. Cause foreign women are not going to put up with it.

    Treat your woman as you would want your Mom, sister or daughter to be treated. It’s simple.

  7. I just believe when there’s true love between the couple (bfgf, husband wife). This kinds of movies or books want make any effects on their relationship.
    Otherwise who is doing something stupidly…it mean they are not made for each others..
    GOD Save them.

  8. I think that any man who is that intimidated by a film and has to tell his girlfriend “I’ll break up with you if you watch this” needs his girlfriend to turn around and say there’s the door! Girls! Don’t let anyone sensor what you watch, read or think!

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