“Why Her?” Ratings Rise, “Doctor Lawyer” Ratings Take An Unexpected Hit

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“Why Her?” is on the rise!

According to Nielsen Korea, “Why Her?” episode 2 scored an average nationwide rating of 6.5%, a slight rise from its 1st episode which scored 6.0%.

Why Her” is a romance mystery drama that tells the painful yet exciting story of Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin), a cold lawyer who has become empty while pursuing success, and Gong Chan (Hwang In Yeop), a law school student who has fallen in love with Oh Soo Jae and will do anything to protect her. The story of these two people whose lives take a drastic turn of events when a wrong choice was made.

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Meanwhile, MBC’s newest drama “Doctor Lawyer” which competes with “Why Her?” in the same time slot saw a fall in ratings. It scored an average nationwide rating of 4.2%, a 1% decline from its first episode which scored 5.2%. The gap between the two competing dramas is widening.

Doctor Lawyer” tells the story of a genius medical surgeon named Han Yi Han who loses everything after an unknown manipulation to his surgery. He returns as a medical lawyer. It also tells the story of a prosecutor from the medical crimes department who loses their family and lover through that surgery. This also notably marks So Ji Sub’s first drama since 2018.

JTBC’s newest drama “Cleaning Up” also premiered, it scored an average nationwide rating of 2.7%. “Our Blues” remained strong with 10.2%. MBC’s “From Now On, Showtime!” scored 2.7% while “Shooting Stars” remains at 1.3%.

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Which one of these dramas are you currently watching?

Source: Nielsen Korea

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