Was This Line In “Big Mouth” Offensive Towards Thai People? Netizens Weigh In

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“Big Mouth” has recently come under fire for a line that has been uttered by the character played by Lee Jong Suk.

A tweet by a Thai fan went viral on Twitter. In the tweet, the fan discusses whether “Big Mouth” meant to be racist or offensive towards their culture.

The line in question is about a confrontation between Lee Jong suk’s character and a psychopath murderer character, the line goes like this,

“Did your mom eat seaweed soup when she gave birth to you? I’m honestly curious so I’m asking. Giving birth to a psycho f*cker like you, just what in the hell did she eat? Tom Yum Kung? Or Seon Ji Gook? (Korean spicy soup)”

The line that bothered some Thai fans was in reference to ‘Tom Yum Kung,’ its a known Thai spicy dish. Thai fans took issue with this line and some claim its either racist or offensive towards their culture to claim a popular Thai dish could cause someone to become a psychopath or a terrible person.

Many k-netizens weighed in and supported the Thai fans who took issue with the line, many think its old fashioned and insensitive to slam another culture’s dish like that.

Do you think this line in “Big Mouth” was offensive towards Thai people or not?

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  1. They were probably trying to go for the most spiciest dish they know. But the Thai dish was dropped out of the blue. I think there are so many Korean spicy dishes, they could have just stuck with them, to avoid any reaction. But this proves that they also probably didn’t think about international audience. It was created for domestic audience in the first place, it seems.

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