The Upcoming KBS Drama “Jugglers” Holds First Script Reading

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The upcoming KBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Jugglers” has finally held its first script reading.

The drama is lead by Choi Daniel, Baek Jin Hee, and Kang Hye Jung. On October 26th the cast gathered for the drama first script reading.

The script reading took two days and one night, the cast was passionate and showcased strong teamwork while reading through the script.

The main cast Choi Daniel, Baek Jin Hee, Kang Hye Jung, Lee Won Geun, Kim Chang Wan, and Kim Ki Bang  revealed to have packed small bags and rode the bus with their managers and the production staff to the site.

Choi Daniel, who’s making his first drama return in 3 years will take on the role of Nam Chi Won, YB video division director. He plays a man who rarely interacts with people but manages to capture the attention of women easily.

Baek Jin Hee is taking on the role of his secretary Jwa Yoon Yi, she’s a free spirited and talented women who has a funny character, she’s able to easily connect with anyone she meets.

Kang Hye Jung is taking on the role of the innocent Wang Jung Ae, while Lee Won Geun will play the role of YB Sports division Director Hwang Bo Yool, the black sheep of the family.

The scriptwriter Jo Yong Hae expressed his excitement about the cast and the drama and promised to work hard on making “Jugglers” a memorable drama.

“Jugglers” will airs its first episode on December 4 following the end of “Witch’s Court.”

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