Seo In Guk And Jung So Min’s Upcoming Film Invited To L’etranger International Film Festival And The Fantastic Fest Film Festival

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Director Kim Hong Seon’s fifth work, “Project Wolf Hunting,” is receiving a lot of love from film festivals around the world, including the L’etranger International Film Festival in France and the Fantastic Fest Film Festival in the U.S., following the Toronto International Film Festival.

On August 17, TCO The Content On’s “Project Wolf Hunting” announced that it was invited to the competition section of the L’etranger International Film Festival in France and the Fantastic Fest competition section in the U.S., respectively.” Project Wolf Hunting”  is a hard-boiled action film that faces an extreme situation that has never been seen before, with Kim Hong Seon, who directed “The Con Artists” and “Traffickers,” holding the megaphone, and Seo In Guk, Jang Dong Yoon, Sung Dong Il, Jung So Min and Choi Gwi Hwa.

Earlier, “Project Wolf Hunting”  was officially invited to the Midnight Madness category at the 47th Toronto International Film Festival, drawing attention. The L’etrange International Film Festival in France, where news of the invitation was reported, is an international film festival to be held from September 6 to September 18, and the 2018 film “The Duke” swept the Grand Prix and audience awards in the competition category. In addition, Korean films 2002’s “Revenge is mine”, 2013’s “Berlin” and 2014’s “A Hard Day” were invited.

Mark Trunen, the programmer at the L’etranger International Film Festival in France, said, ” “Project Wolf Hunting” is a rough rollercoaster-like movie that makes adrenaline rise. It’s a movie that runs like there’s no tomorrow”. “The audience will scream joyfully,” he said, explaining the reason for the invitation to the competition category.

The U.S. Fantastic Fest, to which “Project Wolf Hunting” was invited, will then be held from September 22 to 29 and is considered the best genre film festival in North America. In 2016, “Age Of Shadows” was invited to the action competition category and won the best picture award. ”Project Wolf Hunting” was invited to the horror competition section of the Fantastic Fest. Annick Manut, a programmer at Fantastic Fest in the U.S., said, “It displays the fun of opening a new chapter in Korean genre movies“. “A feast of crazy characters that makes you dizzy” was introduced as the reason for the invitation.

“Project Wolf Hunting” will be released on September  28.

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