“Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” Under Fire For Allegedly Depicting Romance With A Minor, K-Netizens Debate Whether Its Ok

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“Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” has come under fire for its most recent episode and its been causing a debate among fans and k-netizens.


On March 13, “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” episode 10 aired, which became the reason why the drama has been receiving backlash. Nam Joo Hyuk’s character confessed his love to Kim Tae Ri’s character. The scene ended alluding to Kim Tae Ri accepting his confession which has been debated as well.

Kim Tae Ri’s character plays a high school student, who is 18 years old according to the drama’s plot description. However, this number could indicate her Korean age, not international age, as Korean age tends to add one to two years. Also, the character is still in high school.

In the original plot description of the drama, it is said that the two characters fall in love when they’re 25 and 21 but meet when they are 21 and 18 respectively.

Shortly after this episode aired, many k-netizens took to social media to criticize the drama for romanticizing the relationship with a minor arguing that media has an effect on how people view such types of relationships.

Viewer expressed their displeasure with the direction the drama has taken, many talked about how uncomfortable they felt with the love line between a college student and a high school student still in uniform, many also wonder why this scene was added at that time but not when they would reunite in 3 years time.

Meanwhile, others argue that since both characters are ‘adults’ even if she’s still in high school, it shouldn’t be a problem and that some k-netizens are blowing things out of proportion. There seems to be a debate about Kim Tae Ri’s character’s age. Some others argue that Nam Joo Hyuk’s character is technically a college student so it shouldn’t be an issue. Their relatively shorter age gap has also been brought up in the debate.

What do you think of this issue?

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. If age gap is an issue the how about GOBLIN? Kim Go Eun’ s character is a high school student while Gong Yoo is a full pledge adult not even a college student.

  2. I don’t understand. What is the problem? What is there to debate about? Netizens take issue with EVERYTHING. I mean My God. Netizens can suck all the joy and blood out of watching Kdramas, out of an actor/idol’s life and career and the creative process. We destroy the very object of our admiration. I DON’T GET THAT AND THEN WE THINK NOTHING OF DOING SO. “Oh, well. On to my next favorite drama, idol, actor/actress, show” Netizens are worse than the government and entertainment organizations that censor what we watch. Who are you to tell me the intent of my heart when presenting a creative work? Unless I say explicitly that I’m promoting underage sex, then stop making assumptions about a person’s creative work, against the cast and all involved with a production. Goblin? Please. Writer Kim Eun-sook didn’t sit down to write a drama about an underage sex relationship. THINK PEOPLE. Watch K-Entertainment in the context in which it is presented. Promoting underage sex? Like underage sex is not common in Korea. Give me a break. You worried about a drama supposedly depicting an issue that bothers or concerns you? Yet daily, nothing is done about the reality of underage sex that really does occur in our society. These issues that Netizens complain about is nothing new. But don’t throw Goblin, Twenty Five Twenty One and so many other productions under the bus because of our narrow-minded, fickle, emotional approach or perspective in viewing K-Entertainment. Gish! Why even have K-Entertainment if we have so many issues with what is broadcast? You have a choice. Turn it off or watch something else. I hate when someone imposes their opinion on something and their opinion is far from what is really going on in a drama or the intent of the drama. It’s like if we see a person coming out a bar with a brown bag, we assume, they went in there to drink or get a drink. When actually, the person could have simply went in there for another reason or purpose. I think there should be more laws penalizing Netizens for ruining the life, reputation, ratings etc. of K-Entertainment and those in the industry. Netizens have a right to give their opinion and feedback but often times that opinion and feedback is misplaced and taken as truth and fact WHEN IT IS NOT THUS CAUSING MUCH UNNECESSARY AND OFTEN TIMES IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE. I hate what Netizens are allowed to do this to those in K-Entertainment. Yes. It pisses me off!

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