“Twenty Five, Twenty One” Ratings Sees Slight Drop Ahead Of Finale, “Forecasting Love And Weather” Scores Second Lowest Rating In Its Entire Run

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Two of the hottest weekend dramas suffered from a slight dip in ratings!

On April 2, “Twenty Five, Twenty One” and “Forecasting Love And Weather” aired their 15th episodes.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Twenty Five, Twenty One” scored an average nationwide rating of 9.6% which is a slight drop from its 14th episode which had scored 10.3%. The drama continues to dominate its timeslot across all cable channels.

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“Forecasting Love And Weather,” which airs at a different time slot suffered a huge drop in ratings. According to Nielsen Korea, its 15th episode scored 5.65%, a drop from last week’s 14th episode which scored 6.8% and is second-lowest rating ever since the drama premiered. The lowest rating it had achieved in its entire run was with its first episode which scored 4.51%, after that, the drama saw a rise in ratings and hovered around the 6-7% mark throughout the majority of its run time.

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On April 3 both dramas will end their run.

Source: Nielsen Korea

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

Expected this outcome with both dramas. If you read any of my reviews, I talk a lot about the 16 episode format and why it shouldn’t be the norm anymore. I think both dramas are very interesting but neither needed to be this long.

“Twenty Five, Twenty One” is obviously the more interesting one and the one you can sort of justify why it has 16 episodes but still, I think 12 would’ve made it more concise and memorable. The story and the performances are amazing and the cast chemistry truly helped carry this drama when it slowed down.

“Forecasting Love And Weather,” on the other hand, is interesting in its own right but definitely not interesting enough to warrant 16 episodes. I still think its theme was unique and I really liked the way it handled certain plot points and ideas [I will discuss that in my review] but I definitely believe the screenwriter started to struggle towards episode 9 to 10, you could see they literally didn’t know what to do past episode 11 even with all the side plots involved.

By Hilda Moore

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