tvN’s “Behind Every Star” Director Confirms The Drama Is Coming Back With Season 2

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Director Baek Seung Ryong, who directed tvN’s “Behind Every Star” expressed his affection and gratitude for the managers.

On the afternoon of December 23, Director Baek Seung Ryong said in an interview at the end of tvN’s “Behind Every Star” held at CJ ENM Center in Mapo-gu, Seoul,

“There were many unfortunate and magical moments. I feel empty now that it’s over. We started working on the drama in spring, but now that winter is here, I feel emptier.”

“Behind Every Star” is a drama based on the French comedy-drama “Call My Agent!” The French drama was so loved worldwide that it was nominated for an American Emmy Award. Director Baek said,

“When I had a video meeting with the original producers, I said that I prepared for seven years. For every episode, the actors had different writers. That’s how much we prepared in France. As we are preparing for season 2, we are trying to fill in what was lacking in the first season and prepare for it.”

In Korea, dramas with a manager as the main character or entertainment set were not well received. Director Baek said,

Fortunately, the managers liked it. I thought it was a relief. Viewers’ reactions are important, but I think they would have thought it was a failure if managers and entertainment industry officials said it was a shame. I thought it was a relief that managers and industry officials said they liked it a lot. I’ve been getting a lot of calls lately. Novice managers, I met during ‘SNL’ also complimented me after watching the drama after 10 years. Managers actually said, ‘Thank you for handling our stories well.’ Manager Joo Hyun Young also said that he thought of himself and cried while watching the drama.”

Director Baek Seung Ryong, who directed the drama about the manager, expressed his thankfulness to the managers. Director Baek Seung Ryong said,

Working with an actor is the most difficult in the world. Managers who create the actor and work with actors are much more amazing people. I want to this. Although it comes out in the drama, managers are people who can’t fall in love and could not be faithful to their families and devote themselves to this work. In that sense, being a manager is a wonderful job. It’s special to give up on yourself and make your actor shine. It’s even more so because the entertainment company is the background and it’s a drama that talks about passion and the value of life through the stories of various managers and actors who work there.”

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