Tunnel records its highest rating EVER getting closer to becoming the most viewed OCN drama

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Tunnel records its highest rating EVER getting closer to becoming the most viewed OCN drama

Tunnel is on its way to becoming the highest rated drama in OCN’s history.

Yesterday, the 13th episode of Tunnel aired and scored its highest rating yet with 5.5% and a real-time ratings peak of 6.2%.

Among its targeted audience (people in between the ages of 25 and 49), the drama scored average ratings of 4.8 percent and peaked at 5.6 percent, earning the drama the top spot in its time slot.

The episode was especially popular with men and women in their 40s, with ratings peaking in each bracket at 6.9 percent and 9.2 percent respectively.

The drama first episode rated 2.8 percent, and has been enjoying a steady rise in its ratings thanks to its strong storyline and shocking plot twists.

At this rate, the drama is will become the highest rated OCN drama beating out “Voice” (5.69 percent).

If “Tunnel” manages to achieve this feat, it will be the third consecutive OCN original drama to break the channel’s ratings record, following “Squad 38” and “Voice.”

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My Reaction

Do you know how anxious I was waiting for Tunnel 13th episode to air yesterday?

I am loving the drama, one of the best of 2017, OCN has been killing it this year and the drama set to air after it is even more interesting.

OCN in general produces very good quality crime related dramas, and tunnel proves it.

The drama is all around interesting, thou has plot holes here and there, it does keep you on the edge of your seat, there are little dramas who manage to make me guess nowadays.

They took a break last week to produce better quality, which was a good decision, I love how they know they don’t need to rush it and that fans will wait because it is very interesting.

Its one of my top 5 dramas of the first half of 2017. So glad its doing so fine in ratings, I am glad the hard work they put in is paying up.

Have you been watching the drama? What do you think of it?

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