Tunnel becomes the highest rated drama in OCN’s history beating Voice and 38 Task Force

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Tunnel has finally done it, it finally became the highest rated drama of OCN’s history

Episode 14 aired last night and Nielsen Korea released the ratings numbers for the drama, and as expected they were higher than episode 13 ratings, breaking its previous highest record for an episode.

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Tunnel had an average rating of 6.9% in Seoul and scored 6.2% nationwide, and even peaked at 8.1%.

By that Tunnel beats out the record set by Voice, which scored the previous highest ratings for OCN with 5.69%.

The intriguing plot and the shocking details revealed with each episode have enabled Tunnel to become one of the most successful OCN dramas of 2017 and of all time.

Next week will mark the last week for the drama and people can’t wait to see how the drama unfolds through episode 15 and 16.

Have you been following the drama? Do you like it?

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