[TRENDING] Lee Min Ho And Suzy’s Dates Actual Cost Will Shock You

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Hallyu stars Lee Min Ho And Suzy don’t mind spending thousands of dollars if it meant having a more secretive date.

On the 28th, Joseon Station’s talk show, “ByulByul Talk show” discussed top star couple and their secretive date location and costs.

Lee Min Ho And Suzy were mentioned and their 2015 London date was discussed.

The host said,

“Since both are top stars and very popular in South Korea, they decided its best to enjoy a less pressured date away from the public eye, but even then they were still caught by paparazzi’s cameras.”

One reporter of the entertainment section described the complicated date as something out of mission impossible, he said,

“back then Lee Min Ho was shooting in London and Paris, he took a train to London when he was done filming. When you see the route they took its like a movie, he then rented a fancy car on sight and moved away with it.

He had booked a hotel room in England’s tallest building, The Shard, which is about 310m high.”

The reporter continued,

“They stayed in that five star hotel for two nights and three days, the had also booked a suite (which is estimated to cost more than 1800$/night). Lee Min Ho paid special consideration to Suzy while staying abroad.”

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