SF9’s Rowoon And Kim Hee Sun’s New Drama “Tomorrow” Achieves Record-Breaking Premiere Ratings For MBC

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MBC’s newest drama “Tomorrow” is already up to a stellar start!

On April 1, SF9’s Rowoon and Kim Hee Sun’s new fantasy drama “Tomorrow” aired its first episode after previous delays. The first episode has achieved the highest premiere ratings of any Friday-Saturday drama in MBC history.

According to Nielsen Korea, the first episode of “Tomorrow” scored average ratings of 7.6% nationwide and 8.2% in Seoul. This makes it the most-watched premiere of any MBC Friday-Saturday drama to date.

On top of that, the drama took first place across all channels in its time slot.

“Tomorrow” tells the story of a man named Choi Joon Woong who after being jobless for three years attempts to take his own life. He goes to a bridge to jump off but he finds someone else trying to jump off while trying to convince them otherwise, they both fall accidentally off the bridge. The crisis management team run by grim reapers belatedly arrives at the scene, and Choi Joon Woong ends up falling into a three-year coma, his soul becomes half alive and half dead. He ends up getting a job at the crisis management, and his job involves taking special care of people who are at a high risk of suicide and helping them want to continue living.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of “Tomorrow” on setting a new record!

Source: Nielsen Korea

By Hilda Moore

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  1. Is it just me who didn’t like Tomorrow’s first episode? I didn’t like rowoon’s acting…idk why? He was giving a lot of pause while acting and this expression were not on spot.
    Also i didn’t like sound effects given eg. when he was checking if his bone was broke and etc.
    Will give it a chance tho
    My opinion

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