“The World Of The Married” Breaks Through The 20% In Ratings, Will It Break “SKY Castle” Record Soon?

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“The World Of The Married” continues to show growth half-way into its run. The hit JTBC drama ratings have been on the rise since its first episode, and with last night’s episode, the drama joined a new elite club and broken more records.

According to Nielsen Korea, April 18 episode of “The World Of The Married” surpassed the 20% in ratings, it scored 20.1% a new feat for the drama. “The World Of The Married” started out with a modest 6% in its first episode.

The drama has officially surpassed tvN’s “Crash Landing On You” to become the second highest rated cable channel drama, it also became the third cable drama to ever break through the 20% in ratings, the other two are tvN’s “Crash Landing On You” and JTBC’s “SKY Castle.”

What’s more impressive about this record is the fact that we’re only eight episodes in, the drama still has 8 more to go and is expected to grow in popularity even more. “Crash Landing On You” and “SKY Castle” broke through the 20% in ratings on their last episodes while “The World Of The Married” did that in half their run-time.

The fast-paced plot development and splendid cast performances have helped the drama become a favorite; it’s the most talked-about currently airing kdrama in South Korea.

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Are you currently watching “The World Of The Married”? what do you think of it?

My Personal Thoughts

Since we’re half way through its run, I plan on writing a review about “The World Of The Married” as I usually do with other kdramas but in short, “The World Of The Married” is by far the best I’ve seen of 2020 and the best I’ve seen in recent years.

JTBC is really gambling with their scripts and its paying off, “The World Of The Married” is vastly different from anything that’s currently on air. Its so dramatic and surprising. I haven’t been this surprised by many kdramas in my life. “The World Of The Married” takes everything you knew about kdramas and throws it away.

I expect the drama to surpass “SKY Castle” record within the next four episodes, or the next two depending on how the script develops. It’ll be difficult to top this drama off this year.

The only other 2020 kdrama that comes as close in terms of every aspect is probably “Hospital Playlist.”

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