“The Red Sleeve” Hits Personal Best While “Now We Are Breaking Up” Drops To Its Lowest Rating To Date

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The Red Sleeve” continues to dominate the ratings race!

“The Red Sleeve” has seen its best ratings number this week. The drama has decided to air two episodes on December 25 instead of their regular broadcast. According to Nielsen Korea, “The Red Sleeve” episode 13 scored an average of 13% nationwide while its 14th episode scored 14.3% marking the drama’s highest rating to date.

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Airing at the same time slot, SBS “Now We Are Breaking Up” recorded ratings of 4.9% for its December 25 episode, this marks a new low for the drama. Its previous episode had scored 5.7% which was at the time its lowest number. This also marks the first time the drama dropped to the 4% range in ratings.

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tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama “Bad and Crazy” scored 3.747% and 3.134% for its December 24 and 25 broadcast respectively. “Bulgasal” recorded ratings of 4.775% while TV Chosun’s “Uncle” recorded 5.562%.

Lastly, “The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won” recorded ratings of 8.7%

Which one of these dramas are you currently watching?

Source: Nielsen Korea

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