“The Red Sleeve” Finale Episodes Score Its Highest Ratings To Date

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The Red Sleeve” has concluded with a bang!

According to Nielsen Korea, “The Red Sleeve” finale episodes have broken its previous ratings records.

“The Red Sleeve” episode 16 scored an average nationwide rating of 17% while episode 17 jumped to 17.4%, thus, “The Red Sleeve” finale episode became its highest-rated in its entire run. The final episodes saw a huge jump in ratings, by 3%, in comparison to last week’s episodes. The drama extends its record as the most-watched drama in its time slot.

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MBC has promised the cast a vacation and Junho is expected to perform “My House” wearing historical attire.

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Have you seen “The Red Sleeve” finale yet?

Source: Nielsen Korea

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  1. Felt sad with the ending but that was how the story goes… well kudos to Junho and Se Young’s performances. The awards were proofs that they gave justice to their roles. Can you do ANOTHER MOVIE TOGETHER?

  2. I still have a headache from all the crying i just did from watching the final episodes
    It was a great drama they served justice to the real story
    Its deeply sad that this actually happened
    But Alas
    It was great

  3. It took me great strength to watch Episode 17. I wanted Episode 16 to linger in my heart and in my mind. The “Red Sleeve” will be like CLOY a great drama of all time.
    Congratulations JunHo, you’re the best and you’ll soar high and achieve more success because you’re good and kind-hearted as you’re a great actor.

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