“The Outlaws 3” Confirms Star-Studded Cast And Begins Filming

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“The Outlaws 3” has confirmed its star-studded cast lineup and announced they have officially begun filming.

“The Outlaws 3” will serve as the 3rd installment in the hit franchise “The Outlaws,” after “The Outlaws 2” (also known as “The Roundup”) managed to break various Korean box office records, the 3rd installment was greenlit.

“The Outlaws 3” will be directed by Lee Sang Yong and produced by Big Punch Pictures, Hong Film, and B.A. Entertainment. The film will be led by Ma Dong Seok, Lee Joon Hyuk, Aoki Munetaka, Lee Beom Soo, Kim Min Jae, Jeon Suk Ho, and Go Kyu Pil. The crew had already begun filming on July 20.

“The Outlaws 3” will focus on the story of detective Ma Seok Do (Ma Dong Seok), who transferred to the metropolitan investigation team, he tackles criminals with his new team.

Lee Joon Hyuk takes on the role of the new villain Joo Sung Chul. he will follow up on Yoon Kye Sang‘s and Son Suk Ku‘s villain performances.

Lee Beom Soo and Kim Min Jae will join as detectives of the metropolitan investigation team who will form a new team with Ma Seok Do.

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