“The Outlaws 2” Garners More Than 11 Million Moviegoers In Just One Month + Surpasses The Record Of “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” In Korea

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The Outlaws 2” (“The Roundup”) keeps making history at the Korean box office!

According to the Korean Film Council, on June 17, “The Outlaw 2” has officially garnered 11,027,835 moviegoers in just one month since its release on May 18.

In addition, “The Outlaws 2” has ranked 24th in the box office ranking of the top-selling movies ever released in South Korea and has also surpassed the record previously held by the Hollywood 2015 movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron” which recorded a final total of 10,494,499 moviegoers at the Korean box office.

“The Outlaws 2” is now also expected to break the record the 2003 movie “Silimdo” holds, which had a final total of 11,081,000 moviegoers and is the 23rd top-selling movie at the Korean box office.

“The Outlaws 2” is a movie that depicts the thrilling crime-fighting operation of the legendary detective Ma Seok Do (Ma Dong Seok) and his squad to catch the strongest villain Kang Hae Sang (Son Suk Ku). It is the highly-awaited sequel of the hit 2017 movie “The Outlaws.” 

Congratulations to the cast and crew for the movie’s amazing success!

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