The Main Cast Of TVING’s “Work Later, Drink Now 2” Are Surrounded By Nature In The Newly Released Poster

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TVING’s “Work Later, Drink Now 2” has unveiled the new poster where main cast is surrounded by nature, raising expectations for season 2.

On November 23, TVING released a new poster announcing the return of the popular series featuring its main leads (Lee Sun BinHan Sun HwaApink’s Jung Eun Ji and Choi Siwon). 

In the poster released, characters Ahn So Hee (played by Lee Sun Bin), Han Ji Yeon (Han Sun Hwa), and Kang Ji Gu (Jung Eun Ji) showing the extreme visuals of the drunk girls in surrounded with nature.

First, as you enter through the lush bushes, you will see drinkers showing off their colorful charms. Ahn So Hee is attracting viewers with a dreamy look, Han Ji Yeon with a dreamy look, and Kang Ji Gu with a deep charisma. Viewers will feel possessed by their charm and by the forest at any moment.

In particular, Ahn So Hee, who is supporting the dew falling from the leaves with a glass, catches the eye. Along with the lines “We… Live on dew.”

Meanwhile, Kang Book Goo (played by Choi Siwon), who is holding a camera recorder and making a suspicious expression, was also spotted. He, who showed a love line entangled with Ahn So Hee in the last season, is aiming his lens at the three women as if he had witnessed a suspicious scene, stimulating curiosity about what episodes will be played on Gang Book Goo’s camcorder.

Like this, the entire girls emit infinite chemistry in the forest where Wi-Fi is unlikely to work properly.

It was previously confirmed that “Work Later, Drink Now” will be returning for a second season with the four main characters reprising their roles. Scriptwriter Wi So Young will be coming back for season 2, while director Park Soo Won, who previously worked on “Birthcare Center,” also joined the drama.

“Work Later, Drink Now” is a drama based on a webtoon of the same name, it tells the story of three women (Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, and Apink’s Jung Eun Ji) in their thirties whose life beliefs revolve around having a drink after getting off work. Meanwhile, Kang Book Goo (Choi Siwon) works as a PD of TV variety show. He hangs out with the 3 women.

“Work Later, Drink Now” is set to premiere in the second half of 2022.

Are you excited to watch the second season of “Work Later, Drink Now”?

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