“The King: Eternal Monarch” Actress Jung Eun Chae Past Involving An Alleged Affair With A Singer Comes To Light, The Singer Gives A Shocking Answer

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Right before the airing of the highly anticipated first episode of “The King: Eternal Monarch,” a Korean news outlet reported on something regarding one of its main cast members Jung Eun Chae and its shocking to say the least.

On April 17, WikiTree published a report that claims they found evidence that Jung Eun Chae and singer Jung Joon Il had an affair 10 years ago. However, per their report, they claim that a source close to Jung Eun Chae told them that it’s true they dated at the time but she was also a victim and had no idea that he was married while they dated.

The report goes into details about the alleged affair 10 years ago, Jung Eun Chae had allegedly come to Jung Joon Il’s concerts often and fans even believed the two were dating, no one knew he was actually married at the time. In 2012, it was revealed that he married someone he had been dating for four years in 2010 but that were in the process of filing for a divorce.

Jung Joon Il and Jung Eun Chae both acted in the 2011 film “Play.”

At the time, a post to his fan café by his alleged wife stated that they started dating in 2006 but she later found out he was dating someone else at the same time from the end of 2009 to mid-2010. He promised her to stop it but she claims he cheated on her after their marriage again, she asked for a divorce after finding out.

At first, Jung Joon Il’s agency MYmusic Entertainment told media outlets that it was difficult to confirm since it’s his private life. However, they responded to a report later stating that Jung Joon Il never hid the fact that he was married from Jung Eun Chae, shocking netizens who’s opinions of her drastically changed after this statement.

When contacted for a response, Jung Eun Chae’s agency didn’t respond to the rumors.

Fans are pointing out how weird it is that this report came out right before Jung Eun Chae’s highly anticipated new drama aired. Many are calling this an attempt to ruin her career.

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