Production Team Of “The Glory” Denies Song Hye Kyo’s Rep Asked For Photos To Be Deleted

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There have been online rumours that suggest Song Hye Kyo‘s rep had asked the drama’s SNS to delete unflattering photos of the actress, but it’s been revealed to not be true.

On December  22nd, an official from “The Glory” told HeraldPOP, “The character poster was edited this morning while editing phrases, and in the process of going back and forth, the non-final version was uploaded, so it was deleted from Netflix and reposted.”

According to “The Glory”, there was deleting and re-uploading of the poster by Netflix, but the production team of  “The Glory” has never made a separate request to delete the photos.

A media outlet reported online suspicions that actress Song Hye Kyo may have blocked the publication of photos of her in articles. Previously, a post related to Song Hye Kyo was posted on a community, but this post was made private with a notice that the post was stopped at the request of the production team of “The Glory” and Netflix.

It is said that there were many photos of Song Hye Kyo’s article at the press conference for “The Glory” on December 20th. Because of this, some netizens speculated that Song Hye Kyo asked for the photo to be deleted because they were unretouched.

However, the photos of the on-site articles are usually released together with the photos provided by the organizers and the photos taken by the participating media outlets. In other words, there is no reason to ask for the deletion of a photo because it has not been retouched. In response, Netflix said that the content modification had nothing to do with why it was floating online.

“The Glory,” starring Song Hye Kyo, will be released on Netflix on December 30th.


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