“The First Responders” Screenwriter Talks About Season 2, The Possibility Of A Love Line And More

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Ongoing drama “The First Responders” screenwriter Min Ji Eun has revealed the reason behind the confirmation of the second season even before the wrap-up of the first season and if the drama will have a romance in it.

On November 22, SBS Friday-Saturday drama “The First Responders” released an interview of Screenwriter Min Ji Eun.

“The First Responders,” which first aired at 10 p.m. on November 12, tells the story of employees at a police station and a fire station who work together to solve cases. The story focuses on highlighting the teamwork of the first responders who save lives.  Its led by Kim Rae WonSon Ho Jun, and Gong Seung Yeon. “The First Responders” is gaining popularity, starting with 7.6% of viewership in the first episode and recording 9.4% in the second episode and 8.5% in the third episode.

When asked why she chose for the drama to have two seasons, she said,

It is said that there are about 13 million reports filed in the police station each year and about 10 million reports filed by the fire department.
Various emotions such as conflict, desire, affection, and hatred among people must be swirling in such numerous events. And firefighters and police officers who are dispatched to respond to that moment, solve the case, and lead a fierce life.
Since there is existence of so many moments of such actions, I thought the possibility of the expansion of the drama through a new season was endless. In addition, as we go through events together, our main characters will grow and transform. I wanted to show this process with a long breath through a seasonal drama, so I wrote the drama with it being a seasonal drama in mind.

When asked about the potential love line between the characters Jin Ho Gae and Song Seol in season 2, she said,

There are police officers who have caught criminals but don’t know how to get a woman, firefighters who have tried to extinguish fires but don’t know how to extinguish fires in the heart, and paramedics who don’t know how to treat other people’s wounds.
The police have to call 119 when there is a fire, and the fire department has to call 112 when there is a crime scene, but can they call each other? I wonder if this is a task for us together with the viewers to create the direction for the love line later in the coming season.

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