Kim Rae Won, Son Ho Jun And More Share What Attracted Them To SBS’s Upcoming Drama “The First Responders” And More

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SBS’s upcoming drama “The First Responders” cast talked about their drama on what made them choose the drama, how they prepared for their roles, and more at the press conference of the drama.

As it was the largest studio S drama to be produced, it had a huge budget and pressure to work on. The late PD Lee Him Chan made an extreme choice of committing suicide with the message, “Everything is too much.” Nine months after his death, the fact-finding results came out. It was stress caused by excessive work and responsibility. “The First Responders” will share a message of condolence for the deceased in the first broadcast, and the final scene of the final episode will include photos of the deceased and their condolences. Attention is focused on whether this work, which contains memory, will be able to do splendidly well at the end of the year.

On the afternoon of November 10, an online press conference for the “The First Responders” was held. Actors Kim Rae WonSon Ho Jun, Gong Seung Yeon, Park Young Soo and CP Park Young Soo attended the event to talk about their drama.

The First Responders” tells the story of employees at a police station and a fire station who work together to solve cases. The story will focus on highlighting the teamwork of the first responders who save lives. It is a new work by Min Ji Eun, who wrote the MBC drama “Partners For Justice” series.

CP Park Young Soo said,

The drama has been planned for three years. We investigated the difficult cases where the cases were resolved through cooperation between the police and the fire station. It tells the story of people who are solving many cases on the front line. The intensity of the genre, the logical process of reasoning events, and the stories of people working on the front line were vividly depicted.”

Regarding the difference from other disaster crime dramas, he said,

It has the cooperation between the police department and the fire station. It is dealing with the best impulsive and crisis-grade cases. The key is a joint play that works together to solve difficult cases.”

Kim Rae Won plays the role of the police officer Jin Ho Gae who is not afraid of going after criminals, once he bites on a lead, he never lets go. When asked about the reason for appearing in the drama, he said,

The script was fascinating. I was interested in solving new episodes and events at every new episode.

He returned to SBS six years after his previous drama “Doctors,” which recorded the highest viewer rating of 21.3%, drawing attention. Regarding his reunion with SBS, he shared,

It’s already been that long. I was so grateful to the viewers for loving ‘Doctors.’ I think I’ll greet you with a different look this time. Please look forward to it.”

Kim Rae Won expressed his liking for the script, chemistry with actors, and how he worked on action scenes, saying,  

It was the script that focused on the characters. Screenwriter Min Ji Eun melted the feelings of the character well in the script.
I filmed it faithfully according to the script. I will continue to work for action today, yesterday, and tomorrow. On the day when there is an action scene within the time limit, go to the scene early and discuss the filming part with the martial arts director and martial arts team in advance.
I am trying to communicate, modify, and express it realistically. There are many great actors in our industry. Everyone is participating in the shoot with one will. In addition to filming time, we spend time together and communicate. We are filming with good chemistry.”

Son Ho Jun plays the role of Bong Do Jin a firefighter who heads straight to the fire in order to put it out. He’s fearless and bold. The two actors enjoyed the script, but when it was confirmed that Kim Rae Won will appear in the drama and Son Ho Jun decided to appear more willingly. In particular, Son Ho Jun said making Kim Rae Won smile,

I thought I could learn a lot from him after hearing that Kim Rae Won was working in the drama.
I enjoyed watching Kim Rae Won’s movies and dramas so much that more than 50% reason for appearing in this drama is because of him.

CP Park Young Soo praised the cast by complementing,

We have special expectations for all three. Kim Rae Won has a deep connection with SBS. I’m looking forward to participating in good work this time. His character’s nickname is Jindo dog, and he is a terrible character who never misses biting and has a more terrible detective personality than any criminal.
I think he is an actor who can express this character better than anyone else. Son Ho Jun will be doing an SBS drama seven years after “Mrs. Cop.” He is a character with an excellent sense of duty who jumps into the fire before anyone else to put stop fire. He also has the ability to find clues to a solution, and I thought it was appropriate, and Gong Seung Yeon is also more dedicated to saving lives than anyone else. I thought she was an actor who could enhance the meaning of the drama and convey empathy at the same time.”

Curiosity is rising to know how “The First Responders” will perform at the end of the year on the small screen after two months of filming after the death of the late PD Lee Him Chan and the time of the broadcast, which was postponed from the first half to the second half.

The drama will air for the first time at 10 p.m. on November 12, following “One Dollar Lawyer.”

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