“The Fiery Priest” To Reportedly Return With Season 2, Production Company Responds To Reports

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According to SpoTV News on the 7th of December, SBS is preparing for “’The Fiery Priest 2” with the goal of broadcasting in 2023.

“The Fiery Priest” is a drama depicting the story of a hot-blooded Catholic priest and a detective at the Gudam Police Station, meeting in a murder case and starting an investigation together.

It was broadcast in 2019 and gained huge popularity, recording the highest viewership rating of 22%. Kim Nam Gil, who led the popularity of the drama, became a target actor at the “SBS Drama Awards” and also discovered brilliant actors such as Eum Moon Seok and Ahn Chang Hwan.

“The Fiery Priest” announced season 2 with the phrase ‘We Will Be Back’ in the last broadcast, and in 2021, the production company issued a  notice saying ‘The best hit of 2019, The Fiery Priest returns’. This raised the expectations for ‘The Fiery Priest 2’. 

After a long preparation, the production team recently started preparing for season 2. Kim Nam Gil, who plays the main character Kim Hae Il, is said to be reviewing it.

Studio S said to SpoTV News, “Season 2 has not been confirmed, but it is in the process of discussion.”

“The Fiery Priest” is expected to lead the SBS drama with Season 2 along with “Model Taxi”, which has been confirmed to be broadcast in 2023.


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