The Advertisement Industry Begins To Cut Ties With Yoo Ah In, Various Ad Photos Removed, Videos Privated

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The advertisement industry is reeling from the current controversy involving Yoo Ah In and many have already begun to distance themselves.

B, a Pharmaceutical Company, which featured Yoo Ah In as a model, recently removed all pictures related to him from their vitamin advertisements posted on their website and YouTube channel. 

Yoo Ah In is also nowhere to be found in the advertisements of C, an outdoor brand that he is a model for. A brand affiliated with a Chinese fashion company, where Yoo Ah In is working as an advertising model, erased the traces of him early on.

Fashion brand platform company B invested a huge amount of money to produce a virtual human model modeled after Yoo Ah In. They were actively marketing too, but currently, the virtual human advertisement of Yoo Ah In’s model has disappeared from the official website.

This comes on the heels of the recent police confirmation that Yoo Ah In tested positive for marijuana while being investigated for alleged habitual use of propofol. This came as a huge shock because this was not what he was initially being investigated for.

According to the recent report, the urine test for Propofol came back negative. In the case of propofol, an expert was quoted saying it disappears from the body after 3 or 4 days, and it is difficult to confirm with a urine test. Marijuana is hard to detect in a urine test after 7 to 10 days, this means there’s a high possibility of him using marijuana just recently.

To add to that, he submitted a hair sample and the results are expected to come out around the 3rd week of February. The hair sample should give a definite answer on whether he used propofol for the last year or so.

At this rate, its expected that Yoo Ah In might be responsible for paying millions of dollars in damages to the ads companies due to his controversy.

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