Telegram Nth Room Suspect Says He Ordered Hidden Cameras To Be Installed At Apink Bomi And Actress Shin Se Kyung Rooms

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A case from 2018 has come to light again and it’s being connected to the despicable Telegram Nth Room suspect Cho Joo Bin who claims he’s the one who ordered hidden cameras to be installed in Apink Bomi And Actress Shin Se Kyung Rooms.

If you remember, the news of cameras being installed at Apink Bomi and Actress Shin Se Kyung Rooms were breaking new in 2018, a staff member had installed hidden cameras at their rooms while they were filming for a show overseas. Shin Se Kyung found the hidden camera and immediately reported it to the police.

The staff member was sentenced for 1.5 years in prison suspended to 3 years’ probation, a very light sentence considered the terrible crime. Netizens were furious with the sentence at the time.

According to a report by Wikitree, Cho Joo Bin (nicknamed doctor) admitted to having ordered the hidden cameras to be installed, he says in one chatroom himself that he revealed

‘it was us who paid for it. We hadn’t done it before, so this is why we got caught. Its because we didn’t do it right.’

A member in the chatroom asked about the money Cho Joo Bin was supposed to pay the staff member who installed the cameras, he says it was ‘late payment’ and he would’ve been paid around 3 million won if he had installed them successfully.

The infamous Telegram Nth Room’ suspect Jo Joo Bin is currently the most hated man in South Korea. He’s the main suspect behind one of the biggest sex trafficking controversies in the country. Through the chat rooms using Telegram, they shared sexually explicit photos and videos of female victims, up to 250,000 users were involved in those chatrooms.

The perpetrators would blackmail the victims and coerce them to perform violent sexual acts and videos of those were sold to the users at a price.

Netizens are disgusted by the reveal and wish for Korean news outlets to focus on highlighting the perpetrators of the crimes and not focus on the victims.

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