“Taxi Driver 2” Episode 6 Air Date Delayed, Here Is When It’ll Air Instead

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Taxi Driver 2” episode 6 did not air on March 4, here is why!

On March 4, “Taxi Driver 2” Episode 6 was scheduled to air, however, according to SBS, it did not air the episode today and a special episode aired instead, added to that, it won’t air next Friday either.

When will “Taxi Driver 2” Episode 6 air instead?

According to SBS, the episode will air on March 11 next week. On March 10, a World Baseball Classic game will air instead delaying the drama’s release even more.

Fans are sad by the announcement as it means they will have to wait a week to see the next episode. The 5th episode of the drama had reached a personal new best record for the drama recently.

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