Netflix New Series “Sweet Home” Achieves Huge Popularity And Praise From Fans Around The World

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Netflix New Series “Sweet Home” has premiered a couple of days ago and it’s the talk of town.

The original series based on a popular webtoon of the same title is gaining massive attention for its story, its monsters and its cast. It’s gaining worldwide praise from fans and has been gaining rapid popularity.

“Sweet Home” ranked in 8th place in the world most viewed shows on Netflix merely two days after its release, not only that but it is currently #7 on Netflix’s Top TV Shows in the U.S. list.

Netflix invested a whopping $27 million for “Sweet Home” with each episode costing about $2.7 million; it is now the costliest original Korean Netflix series surpassing Kingdom and Mr. Sunshine.

Directed by Lee Eung Bok who has previously worked on some of the biggest Korean dramas ever such as ‘Goblin’ and ‘Descendants of the Sun,’ “Sweet Home” is 10 episodes long and tells the story of residents at an apartment complex who have to deal with an unknown phenomenon of humans turning into monsters.

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Have you seen “Sweet Home” yet? What are your thoughts on the series?

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  1. Awesome show. First time watching South Korean film and it is one of the best monster series I’ve seen. Can’t wait when Season 2 comes out. I enjoyed every episode from beginning to end, where it got to a little fuzzy for me was in episode 8 or 9 when the military truck crashed into the bldg and it’s a group of gangsters and terrify the survivors. I feel this needs to be clarify as far as who where they and why did they come there or how did they arrive to that location what led them there???

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