Suzy, Jung Eun Chae, Kim Jun Han, And Park Ye Young Share A Glimpse Of Their Personalities And Thoughts In New Posters For Upcoming Drama “Anna”

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Coupang Play has released new intriguing character posters for their upcoming drama “Anna”!

“Anna” was originally pictured as a movie and has now become an eight-episode series about a woman who starts off by telling a small lie and winds up living as someone else. Suzy will play Yoo Mi, the woman who lies and ends up living someone else’s life. 

Suzy’s character poster shows Yoo Mi who also lives a double life as a woman called Anna, she can be seen looking at a higher place symbolizing her longing to be at the top. The poster reads, “I have always been like this, I do whatever I set my mind to,” making viewers look forward to Yoo Mi’s transformation into Anna and how she will go to great lengths to make her desires come alive.

Jung Eun Chae will take on the role of Hyun Joo, Yoo Mi’s former boss and a representative of a gallery who is born into a wealthy family and enjoys her expensive lifestyle without consideration or malice. Her gaze is sharp and cold, her poster reads, “If you stole someone’s life, you have to pay the price,” raising curiosity about how Hyun Joo will expose Yoo Mi and her lies.

Kim Jun Han will play Ji Hoon, the man who chooses to marry Anna (who is actually Yoo Mi). His poster reads, “Are you confident that you can live like you did before? If things go wrong, I won’t let you be,” giving the viewers an idea of the conflict that Ji Hoon, who does not choose means or methods for his goals, will face with Anna.

And lastly, Park Ye Young will play Jiwon, a senior in the editorial department of a university school magazine. She has strong will and conviction and has always dreamed of becoming a reporter, she is also the only person who Anna (Yoo Mi) trusts and relies on. Her poster reads “I have decided to tell the world your story,” raising questions about what kind of relationship Jiwon has with Anna.

“Anna” is set to premiere on June 24 via Coupang play.

You can watch the teaser here.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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