Suzy And Yang Se Jong Confirmed To Lead 2023 Netflix Drama

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Suzy and Yang Se Jong to work on a new drama together.

The Netflix series “The Girl Downstairs”, starring Suzy and Yang Se Jong, is a romance drama that tells the story of an ordinary college student, Won Joon, who meets Du Na, who retired after leaving behind the glamorous K-pop idol days. It is based on the Naver webtoon of the same name, “The Girl Downstairs”, written by Min Song-ah, known for her work on “Nanolist”, and gained popularity for the delicate emotional portrayal of a character who creates a campus romance with an idol-turned-housemate.

While working as the main vocalist of a popular idol group and the center of her popularity, Lee Du Na suddenly announced her retirement and stayed in a shared house in a college town. Thanks to her idol origins and unrivaled beauty, as well as her high synchro rate with her characters, Suzy, who was always mentioned in the virtual casting of the webtoon, will play Lee Du Na, which is expected to give great satisfaction to fans of the webtoon.

Yang Se jong, who plays Lee Du Na’s counterpart, Lee Won Joon, has breathed new life into each character with his solid acting skills. He will once again show off a unique charm.

Yang Se Jong was offered this role in April this year and this will be his first work after discharging from the military.

Director Lee Jung Hyo of “Crash Landing on You” is in charge of directing “The Girl Downstairs”. Regardless of the genre, director Lee Jeong Hyo, who is regarded as a director who ‘believes and sees’, presents the unfamiliar and itchy thrill of the brilliant early 20s through “The Girl Downstairs”.

“The Girl Downstairs” will be released on Netflix.


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