Sunmi, DEAN, Goo Hara, Ku Hye Sun And Many More Mourn Sulli’s Sudden Passing

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Many Korean celebrities have expressed their sorrow and sadness following Sulli’s sudden tragic passing.

Goo Hara went live on Instagram a couple of hours ago, it was a short live broadcast, she was overwhelmed by tears, she apologized for Sulli for not being able to attend her funeral because she’s currently in Japan,

“I’m going to do my best and try to live your share too, I’ll work hard. Everyone, I’m okay.”

She also tells her fans that she and Sulli were extremely close and she wanted to greet her like this one last time. Check it out below:

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Goo Hara also previously posted a couple of photos with Sulli to her instagram and captioned,

“In that world, it’s as Jin Ri wants to do.”

Singer DEAN who only recently collaborated with Sulli on a track posted to his instagram stories and expressed his sadness, he said,

“Your voice will raise a question that will weigh heavily on many people for a long time. I sincerely thank you, I am sorry. I will remember you.”

Former WINNER member Nam Tae Hyun shared a photo of Sulli and captioned,

“I’ll live with gratitude for your boldness and what you’ve done. I hope you’ll rest in peace.”

U-KISS’s Soohyun wrote on Twitter,

“May she rest in peace.”

Girl’s Day’s Sojin uploaded an image of hands in a praying position with no caption.

Singer Jang Ki Ha posted a black picture with the caption,

“I hope you rest in peace. #RIP”

Sunmi posted an image of Sulli to her instagram story and captioned,

“So beautiful.”

Actress Jung Ryeo Won posted a picture to her instagram with the caption,

“you’re missed.”

U-KISS’s Jun wrote to twitter,

“You went through so much… I hope you will not be concerned about anything there and I hope you will be really happy, noona. Rest in peace now.”

Gyuri posted a black picture with the caption,

“A beautiful and cheerful human. Its difficult to express how I feel right now with words. I hope that this world becomes more tolerant to everyone.”

Rapper DinDin wrote,

“I pray for to always find happiness in that place. I am heartbroken. Rest in peace.”

BTOB’s Peniel wrote on Twitter,

“Praying for Sulli, her family, friends, fans, and loved ones. Rest In Peace.”

Ku Hye Sun posted a photo to instagram with words that translate to,

“Sleep well, baby Sulli. I love you.”

Former AOA member Mina shared a selfie with Sulli and wrote,

“Jin Ri, don’t be sick, don’t suffer, let’s be happy.”

Former Miss A member Jia posted a black photo on instagram with the caption,

“oh no……………why”

Park Jimin wrote on Twitter,

“One of the bravest and brightest. Rest In Peace.”

Hong Suk Chun posted a selfie with Sulli to instagram and captioned,

“To think this is the last picture I have with you. I asked you that you should stick through it with me, but I became a bad friend who let you go without saying goodbye. I am sorry. I am so sorry. I hope that you’re no longer sick there and I hope that you do whatever you want to do. I’ll remember you as beautiful as you exactly were. It’s a sad night.”

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May her soul rest in peace.

If you or someone you know needs help please contact the Lifeline which provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress. Call 1-800-273-8255 for help. Here is also a list with international suicide hotlines.

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  1. I saw in Koreaboo an article about TVXQ having to keep an appearance on a Japanese program. I’m especially sad for them since they knew her when she was a child. I’m so used to seeing them laugh it up on ICSYV but they looked so empty and hollow in the pictures. I can’t imagine the pain her friends are going through.

    Maybe the answer to the trolls harassing the idols is to sue them since asking them to stop isn’t working. That might scare them into stopping when they get dragged into court. The entertainment companies have plenty of lawyers on staff. However, I guess that’s a real gray area in South Korean law since the laws are mostly set up to protect businesses and don’t address cyberbullying. Sigh.

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