Sulli Said “Kim Soo Hyun Lips Tasted Good” In A Deleted Scene From Movie Interview

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Back in early June, the main stars of Kim Soo Hyun’s upcoming movie “Real” guested on KBS’s “I love Movie” segment to promote their movie.

Sulli, Kim Soo Hyun, Song Dong Ill guested on the show and Sulli back then rated her kiss with Kim Soo Hyun and gave it 100 points.

Back then Sulli said something that was bleeped out.

Many people were curious about what she has said and we finally know the answer.

The anchor who conducted the interview, Kim Sun Geun talked about it in a podcast with host Shindong of Super Junior.

He revealed that she said “His lips tasted good” which made both co-stars laugh at first of embarrassment.

Kim Soo Hyun then scolded her and told her to better choose the words she speaks in a broadcast.

The anchor went on to say that the comment was censored because it’s a public channel and he feared that people would react badly to it.

What do you think of what Sulli said?

Do you think it should have been censored?

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